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LIVE: CMLL Classic Monday Live Show at the Arena Puebla (11/25)

Published November 25, 2019

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CMLL begins its weekly activity with a title match in which Ultimo Guerrero will defend the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship against El Valiente at the Arena Puebla


– Main Event Match: Ultimo Guerrero (Champion) Vs. El Valiente (Challanger) for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship (Title Match)

– Semifinal Match: Caristico, Mistico & Volador Jr. Vs. Rey Bucanero, Euforia & Gran Guerrero (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

– Special Event Match: Dulce Gardenia Vs. Hijo del Villano III (Lightning Match)

– Third Match: Fuego, Stigma & Arkalis Vs. Toro Bill Jr., El Malayo & Rey Apocalipsis (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

– Second Match: Princesa Sugehit & Lluvia Vs. Amapola & Reina Isis (Tag Team Match)

– First Match: Astro & Millenium Vs. Joker & Centella Roja (Tag Team Match)

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