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Published November 17, 2019

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Tonight’s weird looking AAA show lived up to being really weird! There was indeed some card shuffling, there were only five matches and the show felt like it could’ve gone off the rails at any moment given the weird matches. And yet somehow I found myself enjoying the show. It definitely wasn’t one of AAA’s top draws of 2019 but every match was watchable, the final couple of matches were good, the crowd was good and the show never dragged, making the average stuff far more bearable. If nothing else it was also far better than the Sunday Night Football game that dragged longer than scenes from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. So yeah; a good time was had. Let’s now talk about said good time.



Demus, Keyra, Lady Maravilla defeated Big Mami, Mascarita Dorada, Niño Hamburguesa


You gotta hand it to AAA sports fans. Even with an opener that didn’t look all that crazy on paper, the promotion found a way to make it the same old crazy opener we always get from AAA! This time the craziness was less about the dives and more about the heat. They went for heat from all corners in this match, with numerous chair shots and Big Mami even bleeding. It worked; the crowd was super hyped for this match as a result of the Mami/Maravilla feud and while the work wasn’t always smooth we got some wow moments, such as everything Mascarita Dorada did and that double Superplex at the end by Keyra and Demus on Big Mami. How they got her up I’ll never know but they did and somehow everyone lived! I could’ve maybe used more dissention between Mami and Niño Hamburguesa (they were largely on the same page here) but other than that this was what you’d want from this match. The crowd loved it, the storyline was progressed, Mascarita Dorada and Demus tore it up when together and the match didn’t overstay its welcome. It wasn’t the best opener AAA has done this year but it was effective, and it finally gave us the end game we wanted in the form of Lady Maravilla vs. Big Mami, hair vs. hair. It’s happening sports fans and it will be glorious.


Your AAA Promo Segment


Pretty simple stuff here; Pagano came out and said stuff, Chessman than came out and said stuff, they fought, Averno interfered, Psycho Clown interfered, Rey Escorpión interfered and then Konnan came out to say stuff. I may or may not have cared for any of this, but it did happen and you all needed to know about it. And now you do. NEXT!


Arez, La Parka Negra, Monsther Clown defeated Mamba, Murder Clown, Pimpinela Escarlata


There I was sports fans, thinking the most notable thing about this match would be Arez finding a way (as I expected) to do cool stuff with Murder Clown. Then Mamba turned on Pimpinela Escarlata yet again and left me sitting here wondering what on earth was going on.


Image result for what da hell gif


Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate this idea. The turn was well executed and Mamba has pulled off being a rudo before. Unless I’m mistaken though this will now be leading to yet another Mamba-Pimpinela feud…and I can’t be the only one who thinks we don’t need to see that again. Not only is it not fresh but do you really trust the matches to be that good? I don’t. I guess that’s a problem for another time though and like I said, in the moment the turn was fine. The rest of the match was too; Arez (predictably) found a way to be creative even with a technico team not suited to his skills, Murder Clown was great and La Parka Negra bumped like a mad man to make the technico offense work. Another rudo besides Monsther Clown would’ve probably made this match even better (Monsther was really only here to cut a promo on Aerostar afterwards) but on the whole this was a fine match and probably better than I expected going in. Nothing essential though.


AAA Latin American Championship Match

Daga (c) defeated Brian Cage, Flamita and Taurus


AAA figured out the way to get Daga to this show; turns out all they needed to do was make this match a title match and have him go over. Who knew?!


Image result for yano shrug gif


So this match was…it was fine I guess. I don’t know; the action was overall good but a) the crowd couldn’t have given three shits less about it and b) three of the four luchadores felt like they were coasting at times. I don’t want to be too hard on Cage, Daga and Flamita because all three were better than average, and I’d argue the highlight of this match was a terrific arm drag out of a headscissors Flamita pulled out. But for every one of those moves there was a startling lack of excitement from him, and it felt like Flamita, Daga and Cage were more doing greatest hits stuff then digging really deep. Taurus was the only one who did and surprise surprise, he was yet again the best part of a match he was in, a tour de force in every facet of the game. Frankly if I were AAA I would’ve given Taurus the belt regardless of performance, given how he can mesh with almost anyone. I guess you can at least say is that he didn’t ultimately take the pin and was the best guy overall…but still. Maybe I would’ve been higher on this if the crowd gave a damn, but this felt like a good match with several guys going through the motions as opposed to a good match with guys giving their all.


Ayako Hamada, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr. defeated Hijo del Vikingo Nicho El Millionario, Taya


This may have been the most AAA match of the year. There were times it felt like the match would devolve into a riot (I lost count at how many fans were throwing beers at Rey Escorpión), there were times when this match felt like it was going to go off the rails…and then Hijo del Vikingo rode in on the white horse and suddenly everything was running at full speed again. I shit you not when I say he saved it sports fans. The first part wasn’t very good outside of some decent rudo spots Escorpión, Hamada and Texano, with many sections threatening to go off the rails. It was only when Vikingo started rolling with some great sequences with Taurus did the match turn around, and fortunately it turned around in a huge way. That’s the power of Vikingo; he’s so good he can save matches midway through while still leaving some stuff in the tank. He was exceptional in the back half of this bout, and huge credit must also go to Escorpión and Texano for basing tremendously for him. Everyone else was solid too. This wasn’t the best we’ve seen from Taya and Hamada but they were fine (with Hamada proving to be a good Los Mercenarios stand in for La Hiedra), and Nicho el Millionario was once again a blast, over performing when he finally got his shot in the back half and showing a willingness to take big bumps (that powerbomb on the ladder). If only all of this good stuff had happened in the first half too! Even with the bum first half though the second made up for it and was enough to get it over the finish line. A good match.


Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown defeated Averno, Blue Demon Jr., Chessman


This match went exactly as I expected. There was blood, there was brawling, there was Pagano doing Pagano things…and in the end it wound up leading to the best match on the show. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! The trick is that this match did all those things while doing them all really well. Pagano, perhaps because he was in his hometown, was unusually smoother than he generally is for what was probably his best non death match performance of the year. Wagner and Blue Demon brawled all the way out of the building in hilarious fashion and for all we know have brawled up to the Juarez/El Paso border by now. Averno and Chessman did Averno and Chessman things, which would’ve been the best part of the match if not for Psycho Clown, who came in for La Parka and delivered his usual hard working, high octane performance that almost included him shredding his leg on a dive. This is why he’s the ace sports fans; it could be a 500 seat show in Konnan’s basement with Psycho matched up with three Dave the Clown clones and Psycho is still going to give everything he has to make the match. This wasn’t a technical masterpiece, but all six guys worked hard, the crowd loved it and it wound up being a lot of fun. A strong close to the show.


That’ll do sports fans. See you tomorrow for the Puebla results. TILL WE MEET AGAIN!



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